Sunday, September 20, 2009@10:49 p.m.

so im back at penn and life has been exciting. very exciting.

how to make a shoe rack out of cardboard, NO GLUE/TAPE/STAPLES!

Get a couple of old cardboard boxes.

Cut slits in them like this:

Cut a couple of pieces of cardboard which will serve as the surface for ur shoes to sit on:

Slot them into the slits:



i am qt proud of myself hurhur.

In other news:

Leak from ceiling necessitates massive repair job

i.e. cannot cook for days.

Gross photos: frozen eggs

Fully frozen (tastes "icy", according to weird roommate)

Semi-frozen and still a little gooey EWWW

tts all folks. I dont think I'll be here very often but tune in once a mth or so for more exciting updates.